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Robyn Gigl Invited to NJ U.S. Attorney LGBT Stakeholder Panel

On July 13, U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey, Paul J. Fishman, hosted a LGBT Stakeholder Panel at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Somerset, discussing legal and health issues facing the community and dialogue with the audience.

The Office of the U.S. Attorney, New Jersey tweeted:

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Dilworth Paxson’s Public Finance group acquired by GluckWalrath

On Wednesday, The New Jersey Law Journal reported that GluckWalrath’s managing partner, Christopher Walrath, and Dilworth Paxson’s chairman and CEO, Ajay Raju, confirmed the acquisition of Dilworth Paxson’s Red Bank office by GluckWalrath.

Dilworth Paxson had four attorneys located in Red Bank as their primary office including office managing partner and public finance lawyer Meghan Bennett Clark.

Bennett Clark and Joseph A. Clark will join as partners at Gluck Walrath and John O. Bennett III will be of counsel, Walrath said. Associate Michael J. Giarrusso will also be joining, as well as a paralegal and a secretary.

Bennett Clark said leaving Dilworth was not an easy decision to make, but she thinks going to a firm with the same geographic footprint as her practice will be beneficial. She said she expects to have a leadership role within the public finance practice.

“It’ll be nice to have a team to be able to serve my clients and work together,” Bennett Clark said. She said she is also looking forward to being in the office proper at Gluck Walrath, rather than in a firm’s satellite office.

Walrath is thrilled with the news. He explained, “they are really bright lawyers who are interested in developing and continuing to develop the practice,” Walrath said. “The only way to continue the firm is to bring younger people who are interested in generating business and growing it. It also fits with our larger strategy of growing in terms of market share, client base and revenue, but remaining small in terms of head count.

GluckWalrath is thrilled to welcome Bennett and Joseph A. Clark, John O. Bennett, and Meghan Bennett Clark to the firm.

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Robyn Gigl interviewed for NPR’s All Things Considered

Yesterday, partner, Robyn Gigl, had the distinct privilege of being interviewed for a segment of NPR’s All Things Considered, discussing the contrast between laws like those in New Jersey that protect others from discrimination in areas such as housing and employment, as opposed to many of the newly enacted laws in other states that have led to daily stories related to transgendered issues being featured on the front-pages of newspapers around the county.

The four minute segment highlights many issues and is definitely worth the listen.

Listen here: New Jersey’s Anti-Discrimination Law Is ‘Just A Tool’ To Protect Gender Identity

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Luanne Peterpaul Quoted in NJ Bar’s Respect Publication

In the New Jersey State Bar Foundation’s Winter 2016 Respect Newsletter, Barbara Sheehan wrote a compelling piece titled, “Moving Forward After Marriage Equality Ruling”. On page 7 of the newsletter, GluckWalrath’s very own, Luanne Peterpaul, contributed her voice to the essay.

Red Bank attorney Luanne M. Peterpaul, an active member of the LGBT advocacy group Garden State Equality, says that religious freedom is a fundamental American value protected by the Constitution, but that “some individuals have begun to distort the historical meaning of religious freedom by claiming that religious exemptions should allow people to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, customers, patients, constituents and others.”

Peterpaul says, “Now that governments stand with same-gender couples as witnesses and protectors for their marriages, society as whole will hopefully evolve in a wider understanding of lived equality for all, including those that are LGBT.”

We encourage you to read Ms. Sheehan’sentire article.

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Luanne Peterpaul Named Member of NJ Secretary of Higher Education Student Success Collaborative

The members of the newly formed Student Success Collaborative at their February 24th meeting.

GluckWalrath is pleased to announce that our partner, Luanne Peterpaul, was recently named a member of the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education’s Student Success Collaborative. The collaborative held its inaugural meeting on February 24th.

As Secretary Rochelle Hendricks explains,

The Student Success Collaborative will examine higher education institutions’ policies, programs and practices related to student safety and success. A review of the following areas will be conducted to identify exemplars as well as weaknesses in: advising and counseling; sexual harassment and assault; diversity and inclusion of students of different backgrounds (first generation, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, socio-economic status, and different abilities); financial aid; health and safety; commuter and residential student life; and general campus climate.

You can read more about the collaborative’s and the Secretary’s work.

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Ryan Jones receives New Leaders Council fellowship


It is with immense pleasure that we announce the news of our Associate, Ryan Jones, to this year’s New Leaders Council – New Jersey class. Mr. Jones was selected from approximately 140 applicants to enter the fellows class of twenty, which began this January.

From their site:

New Leaders Council’s mission is to recruit, train, and promote the next generation of progressive leaders. We believe in a progressive movement where our best and brightest leaders have access to the same resources and team-building efforts as our conservative counterparts. This includes leadership development, mentoring, and long-term career development. By building leadership teams both locally and nationally across different sectors, NLC is working to create a generation of effective progressive change-makers.

Through the course of the next sixth months, Mr. Jones will partake in ten days of intense training at NLC’s institute with a curriculum focused upon entrepreneurship, high-level personal communication skills, fundraising, executive management, and political strategy. The 501(c)(3) recruits fellows from outside of the traditional power structures and aims to equip them with the skills necessary to be civic leaders in their communities and workplaces.

The New Leaders Council, New Jersey Chapter is filled with movers and shakers within New Jersey and the GluckWalrath team believes Ryan Jones will make a fabulous addition to the organization. As with our firm in general, our firm aims to provide outstanding legal services to our clients while also embracing the tools of the legal system to make our communities a better place to live.

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Robyn Gigl recognized and honored in multiple venues

It is with great pleasure that we share multiple recent accolades of our Partner, Robyn Gigl.

Late last year, Robyn joined a panel of legal scholars at the NJ Judicial College on “Bias Involving LGBT Litigants and Attorneys”, speaking before a group of Judges on this relevant and important issue in order to continue elevating and informing our state’s bench on legal matters of the day.

On January 21, Robyn was welcomed at jetBlue, where she conducted the company’s diversity training program for employees, an area of the law in which she specializes.

Perhaps most prestigiously, Robyn was recently appointed by the NJ Supreme Court to the Supreme Court Committee on Minority Concerns. This committee is tasked with overseeing the implementation of court-approved recommendations designed to “rid the court of all vestiges of bias and discrimination.” The committee publishes a biennial report on odd years. The committee membership reflects a broad cross-section of the bench, bar, and public and its members are appointed by the Chief Justice and serve two-year terms.

Our firm could not be prouder of our partner and believe Robyn’s accomplishments reflect our larger goal of providing premier legal services to members of our society and using the legal system to better our world.

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GluckWalrath family serves food in memory of loved one


On Wednesday, January 20, 2016, members of the firm participated in a service activity in memory of their friend and long-time colleague, Doris Jiggetts, who passed away in December of 2014. To everyone who knew her, Doris was a beacon of generosity, care, and support, and the GluckWalrath team paid tribute to that personality and giving spirit by spending the afternoon at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen(TASK), serving food to others in need.

“Walking into the office each morning, we are reminded of Doris.” explained Managing Partner, Michael Gluck. Continuing, “since inception, Doris established herself as a hub of knowledge, support, and coordination. But more importantly, she had the most warming of spirits and her joy was found in making others smile.

Because of Doris’ amazing caretaking, affection, and loving way, she cooked and cared for the entire office. When putting together a tribute, we wished to honor her in a fitting way.”

TASK stands out because its mission not only feeds those who are hungry in the Trenton area, but also offers a variety of programs to encourage self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life in its patrons. Such programs include tutoring, referral services, preventative health services, and other offerings that aim to further its mission.

Together with friends and family, GluckWalrath spent the afternoon remembering Doris with a day of serving meals and clearing plates. In celebrating Doris’ life, many from our team came away with a deepened perspective and understanding of the role each of us plays in the community.

“Walking into TASK, I didn’t really know what to expect,” Charlene Hurley admitted. “It’s because of Doris that we were all gathered here, but I had never been to the Soup Kitchen. Walking in, I immediately saw tutors working with several students seeking their GED. It was an ‘ah-ha’ moment for me and really got me into the right mindset for the day. Dozens of times throughout the afternoon, I witnessed looks of genuine appreciation by those who came seeking a warm meal. It brought such warmth and comfort to my soul. I anticipated feelings of mourning and sympathy, but instead was uplifted. In remembering Doris, I felt part of something larger and look forward to volunteering at TASK in the future.”

Kendal Jones, a close coworker of Doris’ added, “I was excited when the announcement was made that the firm would be volunteering at TASK in honor of Doris’s spirit for feeding others. It was befitting that we, in her honor, would give back by serving and helping others.”

For more information on how to get involved in one of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s many opportunities, visit their site. Due to the success and response, every January 20th will be “Meals in Memory of Doris Jiggetts” at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen in her honor.

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Ryan Jones sworn in as Councilman

On January 1, 2016, GluckWalrath associate, Ryan Jones, took the oath and was sworn in as Councilman of the Borough of South River, a town in Middlesex County, New Jersey. At 31 years old, Mr. Jones takes office as the youngest current member of the borough governing body and received the highest tally of votes of anyone on the ballot in the results of the November election within South River.

Mr. Jones’s inaugural council comments focused primarily upon a message of restoring trust upon the dais. As he described it,

[T]he biggest challenge facing our town is the current lack of trust upon the dais. The entire reason I decided to run for office had to do with the frustrations I felt with our governing body, because frankly, I don’t trust them. I’m not alone in this sentiment. I want to make major strides in restoring this trust and will be dedicating much of this year to rehabilitating our relationship with residents.

Mr. Jones ran on a platform focused upon reevaluating the local government’s policies in order to foster a climate that promotes property investment—not discourages it. For him, that means reevaluating the town’s permit, fee, and rate structure and ensuring that specific focus is placed on growth and cultivation of civic activity. He is also focused on returning the council’s role to one that serves residents built upon respectful, civilized discussion and one that offers residents real opportunities to voice concerns and feedback. He sees that input as the basis for a larger foundational plan to rejuvenate the downtown, premised upon concepts of placemaking, purpose-driven design, and expanding public-private relationships.

We are incredibly proud of strides that our firm make within the communities around this state and are proud to have Mr. Jones as a member of our firm. We wish him much luck, success, and patience as he takes on this new role as public servant.

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Howard Eichenbaum listed by 2016 Best Lawyers in area of Public Finance

We are proud to announce that Howard J. Eichenbaum was honored in the 2016 New Jersey Best Lawyers publication as a “Best Lawyer”. Every year, peers in the legal field select others whom they believe to be outstanding representatives within their legal fields. Best Lawyers recognized Mr. Eichenbaum as a top lawyer in the practice area of Public Finance in the Princeton area.

GluckWalrath works hard to provide meaningful and zealous representation to our clients and our firm is comprised of lawyers who work hard to achieve those goals. We congratulate Mr. Eichenbaum on being recognized.

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