What We Do?

GluckWalrath is a law firm committed to quality representation that is salient, yet we want our approach to be unintimidating, personable, and approachable. While our goal is simple, these two concepts are often times at odds with each other; creating a professional environment that is at the same time informal is hard. To accomplish our goal, we eliminated of the stuffiness that others tend to associate with attorneys. This allowed us to focus on the quality of our staff and the work product we create. By focusing in this way, not only have we accomplished our vision, but also have eliminated barriers to increase efficiency and to expand into areas of practice typically reserved for larger firms.

The work we do is sophisticated and detailed, but we are able to communicate clear, definite solutions for our clients. We don’t believe in pretenses; we only focus on doing the best work.

We are engaged in a plethora of practice areas. If you would like to inquire about legal representation or simply have a question, please contact us.