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Published Saturday, December 1, 2012

Just in time to celebrate GluckWalrath‘s 10th Anniversary. We are pleased to finally unveil our redesigned firm image. We undertook this task with the help of The Carmichael, who worked closely with us to understand our firm’s personality and articulate this image into a clear identity.

The Carmichael’s creative director expressed his understanding of GluckWalrath.

"GluckWalrath offers specialization in a plethora of areas not typical of a firm of its size. This combination puts the firm in a unique spot: they offer solutions to complex concepts while maintaining a friendly and unintimidating relationship with clients. Internally, GluckWalrath feels more like an extended family than a group of professionals. Although they focus on results, it was astonishing to observer how willing colleagues are to help each other out.

We took this understanding and sought to communicate these qualities succinctly. First, our expression needed to communicate the professionalism of the firm’s accomplishments inextricably melded with that strong sense of collegiality and friendliness that are relatively unfamiliar in this environment. Second, it was crucial to express the dichotomy at play with the firm’s unique small firm environment with their bold specialization in practice areas typically reserved for large firms. Finally, we sought to express this unique mix of traits in a memorable and unique way, without feeling derivative or kitschy. Our final design needed to be confident while maintaining a respect for the tradition of the law."

From The Carmichael’s press release:

"To create the firm’s identity, we utilized an argyle mascle for it’s balanced geometry. The mascle interlocks two parallel pennons symbolizing partnership and synergy. The overlapping sections form a distinctive and conservative, yet unstuffy blue, underscoring the professionalism evident within GluckWalrath’s walls. The upper pennon represents the firm’s energy, potential for growth, and friendly personality, denoted in pine green. The lower pennon, expressed in royal purple, lays a distinguished foundation, suggesting quality, power, and wisdom. Purple also stands proud as the color of the profession. Together, the pennons form a lozenge, coated in gold, reinforcing the quality of GluckWalrath’s work product. The wordmark’s face is set in Verlag, an Art Deco font, originally commissioned for the Guggenheim. The font harks to an eloquence of an earlier era when anything seemed possible, while maintaining a mystical sense of future optimism. Amazingly, it communicates this posture, while feeling unpretentious, yet dignified."

We hope you take a look around, and if you feel so inclined, tell us what you think.