Public Entity/Municipal Law

GluckWalrath provides municipal and county governmental entities with general counsel on the vast and varied legal issues confronting local public entities. The Firm has extensive experience with the statutes and regulations applicable to local governments and can provide expert direction in each area, including:

  • The Open Public Meetings Act
  • The Open Public Records Act
  • The Local Public Contracts Law
  • The Local Redevelopment and Housing Law
  • The Municipal Land Use Law, and
  • The Fair Housing Act/Mt. Laurel litigation

Currently, GluckWalrath represents many local government clients in counties throughout New Jersey, providing insight and direction on a host of political and policy issues. The Firm serves as General Counsel to several municipalities and in that capacity handles all aspects of the municipalities’ legal representation in transactional and litigation matters, and the preparation of ordinances and resolutions. Additionally, GluckWalrath serves as special counsel to many municipalities throughout the state in affordable housing, land use and redevelopment matters.

The Firm also serves as counsel to numerous counties and improvement authorities, for litigation, public procurement, redevelopment, condemnations and project finance as well as counsel to various state agencies, including the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

At last count, GluckWalrath represents just over 40 municipalities throughout New Jersey and various counties and county improvement authorities.