Government Relations

GluckWalrath is fortunate to have extensive experience with regulatory and government officials throughout the state. Michael Gluck, Meghan Bennett Clark and Christopher Walrath have worked for years with local and statewide elected and appointed individuals on a variety of issues.

Michael Gluck is a former Assistant Counsel and Appointments Counsel to Governor Tom Kean. He also served as the Governor’s liaison with the New Jersey General Assembly.

The firm’s significant public practice makes it well suited to advocate the interests of its clients in the state legislative and administrative arenas. Many of the attorneys have served on gubernatorial transition teams and various agency task forces.

GluckWalrath’s government relations team has cultivated strong ties with legislators, regulators and the Gubernatorial Administrations of both political parties for over 20 years. This kind of relationship building is essential to securing meetings for clients, ensuring open lines of communication with the lawmakers and enhancing opportunities for collaboration on initiatives.

Advocacy for clients varies according to need. A host of methods involving increased visibility, personal meetings, regulatory comment, testimony at public hearings and coalition building are often utilized. Results are measured by legislative activity and the lasting professional relationships created and sustained.

Every client possesses specific needs and it is our goal to foster a relationship that enables us to fully understand these needs. For many larger organizations, our duties are primarily behind the scenes, lobbying for and developing consensus with elected and appointed officials. For smaller or more diverse organizations, we also become somewhat of a policy development and strategy source, marketing and public relations firm, or outreach program.

Taken together, our unique position in this field provides opportunities unavailable within a single firm. We believe this is what makes our services unique and worth a closer look. To find out more about how GluckWalrath may be able to assist you with your legislative needs, please contact us.