Maintaining a professional/personal life balance is the second most important firm value after ensuring that our client needs are fully satisfied.  Our staff is comprised of friendly, empathetic professionals that make for a close knit group of colleagues.  Many of our employees liken the office environment to that of “one big family” and we are proud of the culture we developed over the years.

It is our belief that if we treat our employees with the dignity they deserve, it only serves to strengthen our work product and willingness to occasionally sacrifice for the firms benefit.  Our open door policy, diligent support staff, and candid feedback on projects ensure work is completed diligently and efficiently.

The desire for the benefits that come with a small office environment acted as impetus for the founding of this firm and we take great pride to ensure the values which accompany the modest size are maintained.  However, our size does not restrict our stature as most of our clients are of the highest caliber and expect exceptional results.  Fortunately, we believe the choice between professional life and personal life is a false dichotomy.  GluckWalrath takes pride in our employee relationships and we take care of our colleagues.

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